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New Dances Featured

Salcaa Body Isolation & ConditioningSalsaa: A dancer's isolation and body conditioning class

Salcaa focuses on training body movements, spins and stretching for dancers. It is one of the most important foundation classes for all who are interested in dance.  For beginners who feel stiff and awkward while dancing, Salcaa is great as it isolates each body movement and slowly trains each body part, allowing the student to gain control and agility on their movements.  For the advanced dancer, Salcaa keeps you on your toes and in tune with your body as you can constantly push and stretch your body to it's maximum capacity in every class.  This ensures that you keep your body in tip top form and ensures that you don't loose your body control and agility.

Body Movement
Starting from the head to the toes to the whole body, the body movement section of the class tones the body while training the students to control and isolate their bodies so that they move fluidly.  Comprising of series of sharp accented moves to big undulations, students will learn and practice moving their shoulders, chest, hips, etc separately from other parts of their bodies and can eventually apply these body accents to the dance of their choice.

The spins section of the class allows students to practice their posture, spotting and balance while spinning.  These techniques practiced systematically every week allows students to become more comfortable with their balance and spotting while spinning and trains them to increase their speed.

Flexibility in the leg and body is essential for a dancer and as we mature, we tend to loose our flexibility because we don't stretch.  The stretching segment works to maintain a dancer's basic flexibility for easy movement while dancing.


Healcaa Fitness Class & Healing SessionHealca: A fitness & healing session that gives health and life back to your body

Healca focuses on healing the body through exercising and eating right.  The fitness class includes cardio, deep breathing and stretching, to give you a complete workout.  it is followed by a session to eat healthy foods that is full of nutrients and to encourage people to find simple, delicious and easy to make foods that you can eat daily.

Aceki International Updates

Singapore Salsa Festival 2014

Singapore Salsa Festival 2014

Aceki's Singapore Salsa Festival is coming up on Dec 2014 this year.  Enjoy the full pass at only US$95 now (Singaporeans pay SGD$95 only!  Prices increase monthly).  
Look out for a great weekend of dancing & partying… Salsa, Bachata, Zouk styles and more.  With performances, workshops and parties, don't miss it!
Looking for those who would like to perform at the SSF 2014.  We are recruiting dancers, production, lighting & music & DJs to join our dance production for this event.  Interested parties, go to:


Dance Holidays with Aceki

Aceki brings you on holidays filled with dance, parties & new friends around the world.  Join us on our
escapades to explore dance & local cultures globally.
We have touched down on: Philippines, Cuba,
Argentina, USA, UK, France, Germany, Maldives, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & more!  Interested parties, go to:

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